Russian deputy asked Bill Gates to explain about chips

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — State Duma deputy Dmitry Ionin turned directly to the creator of Microsoft, Bill Gates, with the question of “population chipping” during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a businessman’s instagram, in a commentary on one of the posts, the Russian parliamentarian complained that his fellow citizens were constantly writing to him, concerned about this conspiracy thesis about COVID-19. Now, a “simple deputy from Yekaterinburg” is forced every day to “say something to people” about this topic, Ionin laments.

“Be a man and answer the very … you do it (chipping system – ed.) invented – says MP -. Or conditional Mikhalkov (directed by Nikita Mikhalkov touched on this topic in one of the recent releases of its author’s program – ed.) it came up for you?”

In an interview with “Uplift”, the deputy said that it was a joke on a hot topic – just tired of answering the same questions: “You argue and argue with a man, but he does not want to believe, shouts:” Guard!”

Ionin also called on the Russian authorities to begin to somehow react to the spread of this theory in order to calm the population.

Earlier, Ionin took part in a flash mob that unfolded on the instagram of the singer Lady Gaga . The American actress was “harassed” by Russians, condemning for allegedly a secret affair with actor Bradley Cooper, who announced then about breaking up with Russian model Irina Shayk.

Under the singer’s posts, angry comments in Russian were first written, then jokes and announcements like “Selling a garage” began to appear. Ionin then turned to the voters, assuring him that he knew about the problems of the equity holders of one of the residential complexes under construction.


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