Russia will build a base on the satellite of Jupiter

(ORDO NEWS) — The Russian corporation Roscosmos has announced plans to place an inhabited research base on Jupiter’s satellite Callisto. This was stated by the director of the corporation for promising programs and science, Alexander Bloshenko.

Scientists believe that the Moon, Mars, and Callisto are considered the most promising for colonization. There is a reason why the satellite of Jupiter fell into the field of view of Russian scientists because this space object differs from most others like it in the presence of water ice, under which an ocean of liquid water can be hidden. At the same time, seismic activity is observed on Callisto, which indicates the presence of a hot core inside the space object.

The timing of the start of the Callisto exploration mission has not yet been announced.

Two years ago, astronomers counted 79 natural satellites in Jupiter – significantly more than any other planet in the solar system. The largest of them (Europa, Io, Ganymede, and Callisto) can even be seen from Earth through an ordinary amateur telescope.

The rest of Jupiter’s moons are not so large. The largest of them are no more than two hundred meters. Scientists were surprised by the smallest satellite, the orbit of which intersects with the orbits of other moons of Jupiter. Astronomers have compared it to a car rushing in the opposite lane.

Earlier, American astronomers hypothesized that from the very beginning, Jupiter had 3 large satellites, but later they fell apart into smaller parts. Scientists have suggested that the largest planet in the solar system may have about 100 moons, and some of them have yet to be found.


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