Russia plans to develop a tug for cleaning space debris

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The NTI Aeronet working group is going to become a customer and allocate funds for the development of a tugboat that will service space satellites and deal with space debris utilization.

Presumably, the space tug will track satellites in orbits, serve their constellations, as well as collect and destroy space debris.

They are planning to start work on the preliminary project of the apparatus this year. For this purpose, at the initial stage, NTI intends to raise funds in the amount of $ 75,000, while it is planned to develop at least three versions of the space tug.

It is worth noting that this project should be among the first in the world of such initiatives, since there are currently practically no competitors on the market. Our country is a leader in the production of electro-jet engines, which will be used to create tugboats.

Presumably, the tug will weigh approximately 80 kilograms and will be able to transport satellites or space debris weighing up to 150 kilograms at an altitude of one and a half thousand kilometers.

The National Technological Initiative (STI) includes how many projects are focused on including the Russian Federation in creating global markets for the future and obtaining a substantial part of these markets. The goal of Aeronet is to create a new branch of the Russian economy in the sector of development, production and use of unmanned and optionally manned aerospace systems.


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