Russia builds its first invisible warship

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The Russian invisible corvette, which is still under construction, has already aroused skepticism among British “scientists” – newspaper readers. The publication reports that next year Russia will build the first stealth ship, which will be equipped with cruise missiles and air defense systems. And then it suddenly turns out that shapkozakidatelny moods are as characteristic of the British as they are of the Slavs: “We all know that it will still be rubbish.”

According to Russian media reports, Russia will soon build its first warship, which will be fully stealthy, making it difficult for enemy ships to detect.

The construction of the corvette “Mercury” is being carried out with delays, but according to sources from the shipbuilding industry, the corvette of the project 20386 is expected to be transferred to the Navy next year. The construction of the corvette’s hull has already been completed.

Over the past decade, Russia has invested heavily in an ambitious rearmament program designed to replace the armament of the Soviet-era army and navy. But some of the work to modernize the armed forces was influenced by the sanctions imposed by the West against Russia for the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, since the United States has banned the export of dual-use technologies to Russia.

Russian shipbuilders have previously used some elements of stealth technology that provide stealth, for example, the radio-absorbing coating of ships. But the corvette “Mercury” will become a full-fledged stealth ship, its superstructures will have a special shape, and the number of protruding elements and slots will be reduced to a minimum.

During its construction, various composite materials and special paints are used. The warship will be armed with cruise missiles, air defense systems and artillery. He will be able to search for submarines and destroy them.

Earlier, the media wrote about the too high cost of the corvette and its “excessive” weapons. Other media outlets pointed to the design flaws of the future ship.


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