Running is good for the brain

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Michigan have found that the brain begins to work in a special way while running.

It is at this time that the left and right hemispheres interact faster than usual. And the same thing happens in a dream.

During the run, a very fast rhythm is created between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, as experts from the University of Michigan found out.

Thanks to this, the hemispheres interact better with each other, so you can easily and without thinking to dodge obstacles when you run. Scientists have called such a fast rhythm “splines”.

Running is good for the brain 2

According to Omar Ahmed, assistant professor of psychology and lead author of this study, splines are a specific rhythmic connection between the hemispheres of the brain.

It is different from other kinds of rhythms. The fact is that spline rhythms are similar to the “game” of the right and left hemispheres in fast ping-pong.

Also, these rhythms occur during REM sleep, when a person usually dreams. Most strongly, as experts emphasize, spline rhythms were noticeable in the retrosplenial cortex.

This area is responsible for memory, representation of the future, and direction of movement (that is, it helps to understand how to turn left or right).


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