Ruins of the capital of an ancient empire discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — The ruins of the so-called “dragon city” have been found in central Mongolia, Xinhua News Agency reported. The capital of the empire of the ancient nomadic Xiongnu people, the city of Longcheng, was discovered by a group of archaeologists led by an associate professor of the Department of Archeology at Tumur-Ochir Iderkhangai State University of Ulan Bator.

According to him, the search took almost 10 years. The discovered buildings are striking in their safety – on the facade of the roof of the discovered building you can see the inscription in ancient Chinese characters “Son of Heaven Shenoy”.

It was this inscription that made it possible to conclude that archaeologists discovered the capital of the nomad empire. On the territory of Mongolia, an object with the inscription “Son of Heaven Shenoy” was discovered for the first time.

The ruins of an unknown city were first discovered in the Ulziit area in Mongolian province of Arkhangai back in 2017, but excavations were delayed until 2020 due to financial problems.


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