Ruins of an ancient building discovered in Crete

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists exploring the ruins of ancient Lissos have unearthed a building that was part of the complex of buildings of the ancient theater. This was reported on Wednesday by the Greek news portal Newsbomb.

Archaeologists believe that the found structure was used as an odeon (a venue for musical competitions) or a bouleuterium (a meeting room of the city council).

Presumably, it was erected in the 1st century AD. when Greece was under Roman rule. In the 4th century, the building was damaged by an earthquake and flood.

Next to it, the ruins of the amphitheater were preserved, and to the north was the temple of the god of healing Asclepius.

Lissos is an ancient city in Crete south of the modern resort of Chania. Excavations have been carried out on its territory since the 1950s. Numerous finds are kept in the archeological museums of the island.


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