Robots will help football referees referee the game

(ORDO NEWS) — The game of the English football club “Chelsea” in the framework of the club world football championship in Abu Dhabi, in addition to the usual referees, will be judged by “robotics”. “Robots” refers to an intelligent system that tracks players around the field.

The system is based on special cameras that are installed on the roof of the stadium. By tracking players across 29 checkpoints, it creates their digital twins and greatly speeds up the decision-making process as to whether a player was offside or not.

The technology will almost instantly tell the referees whether the player was offside or not, and will immediately transmit all the necessary information to the referee on the field.

FIFA is confident that this system will be useful for coaches, medical staff and, of course, fans, and the technology as a whole will allow a deeper analysis of the actions of individual players, for example, providing the opportunity to play a controversial moment from an optimal angle or from a bird’s eye view.

The system has already performed well in testing at the Arab Nations Football Cup, which recently ended in Qatar. If further tests are equally successful, then the official implementation of the system can be expected by the beginning of the World Championship, which starts on November 21, 2022.


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