Robots can make people lazier: study shows

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NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — In the modern world, more and more companies are introducing robots into their processes in an effort to increase production efficiency. However, a new study by scientists raises questions about how effective people are when working alongside technological assistants.

The experiment involved 42 volunteers who were tasked with identifying defects on printed circuit boards. However, the researchers divided them into two groups. One group was told that their work had already been checked by the Panda robot.

The results were interesting. The group that believed the robot had already done the inspection found fewer defects, but made more mistakes. The control group, having no confidence in testing the robot, found an average of 4.2 defects, while the group informed about the robot found 3.3.

Lead author of the study, Linda Omnash, noted that with longer shifts and routine tasks where a high level of safety is required, there is a loss of motivation. “Social loafing” occurs when participants believe that working with robots frees them from the need to put in extra effort.

The researchers also noticed that participants who worked with robots were more likely to consider the robots part of a team. This creates a feeling of confidence and relaxation, which in turn affects motivation and attention to tasks.

First author of the study, Dietlind Helen Symek, emphasized that teamwork with robots has its pros and cons. It’s important to note that while robots can become valuable team members, you need to be wary of losing motivation and attention to detail, which can impact overall productivity.


News agencies contributed to this report, edited and published by ORDO News editors.

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