Robot is created to restore the stomach from the inside

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Tsinghua University (PRC) have created a robot to help heal damaged stomach walls. Through the endoscope tube, it will enter the stomach and, using 3D printing, repair damaged tissue. It is reported by Biofabrication.

The developers have created a miniature robot “Delta” equipped with a special bioprinter that prints living cells. The robot easily passes through the endoscope tube, and reaching the stomach, it unfolds to the size required for functioning.

The robot is currently being tested on a mechanical model of the stomach. During the tests, the efficiency of printing special “ink” with connective tissue was checked. Scientists have confirmed that the viability of printed cells is at least 10 days.

Inspired by the excellent results of their invention, the scientists set their sights on improving it, in order to eventually introduce it into medical practice.

Earlier, American scientists have created a unique printing device that allows you to create various organs . Scientists with his help have already been able to grow an ear, muscle fragment, jaw and nose.


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