Robot artist – I’m not alive, but I can create art

(ORDO NEWS) — “The world’s first ultra-realistic robotic humanoid AI artist” appeared in one of the ornate wood-panelled halls of Parliament in a short black-haired wig and denim trousers.

A robot artist named Ai-Da told British lawmakers on Tuesday that despite being an artificial creation, it is still capable of creating art, speaking at a parliamentary inquiry into how new technologies will affect the creative industries.

Featuring a female humanoid face and robotic arms, Ai-Da was created by Oxford University scientists and named after British mathematician and computer pioneer Ada Lovelace.

He took questions with Ai-Da Project Manager and Art Gallery Director Aidan Moeller in a televised session hosted by the House of Lords Communications and Digital Committee.

“I am computer programs and algorithms and I depend on them. Although I am not alive, I can create art,” Ai-Da said when asked how his creations differ from human creations.

Ai-Da created a number of works, including a painting of the late Queen Elizabeth, and these works have been featured in exhibitions and galleries.

The committee heard from a humanoid robot as well as industry experts and academics about the impact technology has on creative industry workers.

Answering the committee’s first question about how he creates paintings, Ai-Da said that artificial intelligence algorithms, cameras in his eyes and a robotic arm help him paint on canvas.

Ai-Da also said that “analysing a large amount of text” to identify common content and poetic structures allows him to generate new poems.

“How I differ from a person is consciousness; I have no subjective experience, despite the fact that I can talk about it,” Ai-Da said.


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