RNA world hypothesis

(ORDO NEWS) — The RNA world hypothesis is a hypothetical stage in the process of the origin and development of life on Earth, when ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules performed two key functions: storing genetic information and ensuring that chemical reactions proceed according to a certain scenario.

Hundreds of millions of years later, DNA-RNA-protein life arose from the RNA system, the representatives of which are all terrestrial biodiversity, including us.

It sounds pretty coherent, but many people don’t understand the fact that some kind of RNA system could spontaneously appear in nature, which not only adapted to the harsh conditions on the young Earth, but also learned to copy itself, and then began to rapidly evolve .

And yet it’s really real! A team of scientists from Japan was able to create a system of five types of RNA , which “learned” teamwork, and then proceeded to create their own copies with subsequent development (evolution). We are getting closer to understanding how life began on our planet.


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