Rivers around the world are flooded with colossal amounts of antibiotics

(ORDO NEWS) — A few years ago, scientists at the University of York conducted a study in which they took water samples in seven hundred rivers in 72 countries. The analysis showed that all of them are heavily contaminated with antibiotics.

According to experts, a few years ago they recorded a huge concentration of antibiotics, and in some reservoirs it was many times higher than the norm.

A new study has shown that over the years the situation has not only persisted, but has worsened dramatically.

In this study, ecologists collected water samples from 250 rivers flowing in 104 states. It turned out that rivers in Iceland, as well as in the Yanomami region (Venezuela), were not subject to such monstrous pharmaceutical pollution.

In other rivers, the researchers recorded significant contamination, with 27 percent of the cases exceeding critical levels of antibiotics.

Among the most polluted rivers were the rivers of South America and South Asia, as well as reservoirs located south of the African Sahara Desert. According to experts, in recent years, the pollution indicator has become simply critical.


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