Rich Treasure from Emperor Constantine found in Switzerland

(ORDO NEWS) — In Switzerland, amateur archaeologist Daniel Ludin discovered a hoard of more than 1,000 coins. The latter date back to the second quarter of the 4th century, that is, the time when the Roman Empire was ruled by the converted emperor Constantine.

According to The History Blog, the treasure was discovered in the city of Bubendorf, located in north-central Switzerland. An amateur archaeologist explored the surroundings of Wildenstein Castle with a metal detector.

Hearing the characteristic signal of the device, he dug in the ground and found several shards of a clay pot. Then he managed to find some Roman coins. Lyudin was about to leave, but then it seemed to him that the signal from the device was very powerful for such an insignificant find. He dug deeper and found the real treasure: a broken pot filled with coins.

The amateur immediately reported his find to the authorities. A team of professional archaeologists was sent to the site.

They took the pot out of the ground. The find was delivered to the laboratory, where the pot was enlightened using computed tomography. The procedure was necessary, because over the past centuries, the coins “sticked” to each other and to the walls of the vessel.

In addition, the analysis revealed the remains of some organic material. Archaeologists believe that the coins were folded into a leather pouch, which was then placed in a pot and buried. In general, 1290 coins have been found so far, all of them turned out to be copper. In a word, someone once hid a purse with coins of small denomination.

On the other hand, as scientists note, the total cost of 1290 coppers in the 4th century was equivalent to the cost of one gold solidus, which corresponded to about two months’ salary of a soldier of the Roman legion. All coins were minted during the reign of Emperor Constantine (306-337 AD). The latest of them date back to 332-335 AD.


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