Rich tomb of the Inca Empire discovered in Peru under a residential building

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have discovered a 500-year-old tomb in the city of Lima, the capital of Peru, in which representatives of the elite of the Inca empire were buried.

According to The Guardian, the find was made in the heart of Lima – in the working area, and the structure was located directly under one of the local houses. Leading archaeologist Julio Abanto told reporters that the age of the burial is about 500 years old, that is, it belongs to the Inca era.

Inside the chamber, “a lot of funerary bundles” were found tightly wrapped in cloth. Probably, we are talking about the mummified remains of the bodies of the dead. For the ancient burials of Peru, such finds are typical.

According to Julio Abant, representatives of the elite of one of the peoples of the powerful Inca empire were probably buried in the tomb. There is an assumption that they belonged to the Rurikancho culture – this people once inhabited the territory on which the city of Lima is located today.

It became part of a multinational empire after the powerful Incas established their rule in western South America in the 1400s. It is known that the Incas fell under the onslaught of the Spanish invaders in 1532. This means that the tomb could have been built as early as the pre-Hispanic period.

It was found, in fact, by accident. The owner of the house hired workers as he planned a massive renovation of the building.

As archeological sites have been repeatedly found in Lima, the landlord also requested an archaeological survey. As a result, right under the house, a tomb rich enough for its time was found, which, moreover, turned out to be a collective one.


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