Rich people are buying up islands to hide from the coronavirus pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, rich people began to buy up private islands where they are going to hide from a dangerous disease. Most of all they liked the islands, which are located in the South Pacific.

The Caribbean, part of the USA and Europe were not left without attention, reports the Financial Times.

The sellers of the islands, in turn, say that absolutely anyone who has enough money to buy a modern car of a good brand can buy a private island. For example, you can buy a nice island near the Finnish coast for only 100 thousand euros. Realtors add that the pandemic has caused many people to look at things differently.

For a long time, having an island at your own disposal was considered something prestigious and distant. For some people, this has long remained just a pipe dream. But because of the coronavirus, such an idea no longer seems like something distant.

The presence of the island has now become a practical necessity, because people are trying to find a place where they will be safe and at the same time be able to have their own space, not to depend on others.

The most attractive lot today, according to realtors, is Mai Island. It contains over 13 hectares of tropical gardens of incredible beauty. The cost of the island is several million dollars. It is considered an ideal place where you can not only wait out the coronavirus pandemic, but also have a good enough rest.

There are also many other quite interesting lots that have a high cost and are designed only for the richest people.


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