Revealed the source of a mysterious signal coming from distant space

(ORDO NEWS) — Two international groups of specialists immediately reported on the FRB20180916B radio burst. They focused on low-frequency radiation, which is not typical for this kind of phenomena, writes

The LOFAR radio telescope network has recorded 18 bursts in the range from 110 to 188 MHz. According to the findings, FRB20180916B could have emitted from a binary system, one of which is a neutron star. The radiation was 80% linearly polarized, it had a microstructure.

Note that the bursts were recorded back in 2018. The source is located 500 million light years away. This is very close to the body, which gives off such a large amount of energy. Signals are repeated every 16 days. Rather, 4 days are followed by bursts, and within 12 days there is rest.

The duration of the emissions does not exceed a few milliseconds. As much energy emanates from a neutron star as our star generates over several tens of thousands of years.

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