Revealed the secret of the appearance of the first black holes in the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — For over 20 years, scientists have been trying to figure out exactly how supermassive black holes originated in the early universe.

It is worth noting that the mass of objects that arose in the first billion years after the Big Bang is billions of times larger than the sun. Another study showed that mysterious dark matter took part in the appearance.

With its help, flows of cold gas occurred, which soon turned into giant stars. When these stars died, they became the first supermassive black holes.

“For the appearance of a supermassive black hole, which will be equal to the mass of 100 thousand Suns, it will take the death of a giant star with exactly the same mass.

We have spent the last two decades trying to figure out what caused these stars and then supermassive black holes,” says Daniel Whalen, a cosmologist at the University of Portsmouth.

Computer simulations created by specialists have shown that mysterious dark matter took part in the formation of supermassive black holes.

Experts suggest that in the early Universe there was a compression of dark matter under the influence of its own gravity. It turned into cosmic filaments of enormous length and then gradually began to draw ordinary matter into them.

This will provoke the emergence of a whole cosmic web. The threads intersected at certain points. Galaxies and stars formed inside the threads. Most of them appeared where a lot of ordinary matter was present in the intersections.

Experts called the intersection points the cosmic halo. For a massive star and then a supermassive black hole to form, the cosmic halo would have had to be incredibly large.

At the same time, special conditions were also required. There should have been no other stars nearby, and the gas should have continued to remain cold.

This was necessary so that the halo could reach the required size for the formation of a giant star.

After the death of a giant star, a supermassive black hole arose, which increased in size due to the absorption of gas that was around.

The specialists noted that they saw similar results only in computer simulations, but they hope that they will be able to find confirmation of their own theory.


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