Revealed the reason why the ancient Pueblo civilization disappeared

(ORDO NEWS) — The Pueblo civilization is the indigenous people of North America. They had a developed culture and way of life. Civilization existed during the 9th-12th centuries AD. For a long time, scientists have tried to establish the reason why the pueblo ceased to exist. And now, finally, they found out the truth.

This is reported by Science Alert.

Pueblo society developed until 1400. Over the past 800 years, civilization has experienced several ups and downs. This was due to climate change. Droughts, natural disasters.

Pueblo farmers in those days already knew how to withstand droughts and frosts. Therefore, the disappearance of the people has nothing to do with crop failure. After conducting a detailed analysis of the lifestyle of the Indians, it was possible to establish the following patterns.

The periods of construction and flowering coincided with periods favorable for the cultivation of corn. After any collapse, the culture of the people quickly recovered. But with each decline, the recovery went from bad to worse.

Therefore, scientists came to the conclusion that the reason for the disappearance of the culture of this people was social inequality. The apparent difference between rich and poor has led to a build-up of tensions.

Over the years, people began to slowly leave the region. There was a terrible drought at that time. The population grew, and with it the gap between the rich and the poor became wider.

Scientists claim that a cohesive society could overcome any crisis without problems. But the presence of social divisions leads to inevitable disintegration.


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