Revealed new details about the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun

(ORDO NEWS) — For a long time it was believed that the king had serious genetic diseases that he developed due to incest. But, as Egyptologists have found out, this is not entirely true.

The Valley of the Kings is a rocky gorge in Egypt, where for almost 500 years the tombs of the pharaohs and the influential nobility of the New Kingdom were excavated, which has been of interest to scientists for many years.

Egyptologists still have questions about what Tutankhamun looked like, and whether any abnormalities or diseases were transmitted to him due to incest in his family. Incest or inbreeding is the crossing of closely related or genetically similar individuals.

Thanks to the latest CT scanners, researchers have studied the body and bones of Tutankhamun in detail, using the most important data on his physical appearance.

While studying the body of the pharaoh, forensic bioarcheologist Dr. Carolyn Rando and her team noted the unusual shape of the head, which had a very long skull.

Experts also have some evidence that this unusual skull shape was a characteristic of his family. So, can this be a consequence of inbreeding? Can this be determined by the shape of the skull?

Incest was widespread among the royal families of Egypt and most of the royal families around the world. Crossing closely related forms has led to various congenital disorders that are inherited, and also caused the so-called craniosynostosis – premature closure of one or more joints connecting the bones of the child’s skull.

However, according to Dr. Rando, nothing of the kind was observed with Tutankhamun.

“If the pharaoh had this degree of inbreeding and other congenital diseases, his teeth would have to change or fall out altogether,” Rando emphasized.

The fact that Tutankhamen does not have any changes in his teeth suggests that any inbreeding that then took place was not so serious or did not cause serious genetic problems.


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