Revealed a way to effectively get rid of obsessive thoughts

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people know the feeling when some negative thoughts start spinning in their heads and it seems that it is impossible to stop them. But in fact, such a method exists.

It happens that the flow of thoughts carries a person along with it. Moreover, these can be disturbing thoughts about the future, memories of unpleasant moments from the past, etc.

But you need to be able to cope with such thoughts, otherwise depression may develop. In addition, there may be some phobias.

Neuroscientist Markus Teuber notes that in fact, such a replay of possible dangers in our heads was inherent in us by nature. The life of our ancestors once depended on it.

Also, the benefit of scrolling through various scenarios is that at such moments the brain is working at full capacity.

Revealed a way to effectively get rid of obsessive thoughts 2

Psychologist Tobias Theisman and neuroscientist Markus Teuber advise turning to exercise to stop the flow of obsessive thoughts. One of them is using the “5-4-3-2-1” method.

To do this, you need to concentrate on five things that you see at the present moment. After that – on the five things you’re hearing right now.

Finally, on the five things that you feel (breeze, floor, etc.). Then you need to do the same with four objects, three, two, one.

There are other ways. For example, you can try to shift your attention to something else. Careful looking at the leaves, branches of a tree can help. In other words, you must be concentrated on sensory impressions.


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