Retrograde Mercury: What to expect from December 29 to January 18

(ORDO NEWS) — From December 29, retrograde Mercury will begin again , and this may mean that the New Year will not go according to plan for many.

If you never got into a festive mood, know that the reason for this was the retrograde movement of the planet.

The retrograde will take place in the Capricorn constellation. Astrologers say that all signs of the zodiac will feel this influence.

Many will reconsider their attitude to finances and work. If you dreamed of relaxing during the winter holidays, forget about it. Mercury shows no mercy to anyone.

Experts warn: computer equipment and mobile phones may malfunction at this time, which will bring additional troubles in the age of digitization and the Internet.

Gemini and Virgo will have the most difficult time in these three weeks. The fact is that it is Mercury that controls these signs of the Zodiac.

And when the planet “slides a little”, representatives of these signs of the Zodiac feel a negative influence on themselves more than others.

For you, this time will be full of scandals and colds, financial losses and a breakdown in relationships.

But you can easily minimize the amount of negativity. For this, it is enough to refuse to make important decisions these days.

It is expected that on December 29, the planets Venus and Mercury will unite.

Such a planetary union will allow you to solve financial problems and receive some small dividends. On this day, you can ask for forgiveness and conclude a truce.

On December 31, people will find out about relationships.

And if on any other day these clarifications were peaceful, then during the period of retrograde Mercury, everything will be much tougher: Italian passions, beating dishes and hot truces.

Astrologers recommend that you dive into yourself on this day. Then it will be much calmer.

From January 2 to 13, do not take on new projects. Arrange current affairs, you can trust your intuition.


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