Retired failed to rob a bank because of his bad handwriting

(ORDO NEWS) — In the southern part of England, a pensioner attempted to rob one of the branches of a bank, but he failed due to poor handwriting. The employees of the banking institution could not make out what was written in the threatening note.

This is reported by the Eastbourne Herald.

This incident happened in the early spring of this year. Len Slattery left a note to the cashiers, which they were able to decipher only after some time. Bank employees contacted the police, provided a note directly, as well as recordings made using CCTV cameras.

At the end of March, Slattery again tried to rob a bank. This time he turned to another branch of the Nationwide Building Society.

The cashier was too scared, so the attacker was able to get 2,400 pounds sterling from her. On April 1, the police received a call from a bank in Hastings NatWest. Law enforcement officers said that the bank employees received a threatening note, but the cashiers were able to defend the money and the robber was left without money.

Through the video from the cameras, Slattery was immediately recognized. He was detained as quickly as possible. The police charged him with several attempts to rob a bank. A search was carried out in the house of the accused, during which they found analogs of notes left to cashiers in different bank cells.

The pensioner confessed to only three incidents. The punishment was imprisonment for six years, the last two of which can be conditional if the prisoner behaves well.


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