Residents of mountain regions much easier to tolerate Covid-19

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A new study showed that people who live above sea level are much more likely to tolerate severe symptoms of coronavirus. This is due to several factors.

Scientists compared several groups of people: some lived in the mountainous regions, while others lived in the lowlands of Bolivia, Tibet and Ecuador. It was found that people from highlands are accustomed to low oxygen levels in the air. Also, such people had a reduced level of the ACE2 enzyme, which is used by the virus to infect host cells in the lungs and other organs.

A reduced vulnerability to the virus can also be associated with a large amount of ultraviolet radiation, which is a natural disinfectant.

Statistics fully confirm the words of scientists: the number of cases in the highlands of Bolivia was 3 times less than in the lowlands, and in Ecuador, the victims were 4 times less.

More indicative results were obtained in the analysis of residents living on the plateaus of Tibet, Qinghai and partially Sichuan. In this zone, there are a total of 134 cases. In the analysis of 67 patients, it turned out that 54 had no symptoms, while the rest had a fever. There were no fatalities, and this despite the fact that most residents are elderly.

The lowest number of victims was recorded at 3 thousand meters above sea level. Their lungs do not suffer from infection as much as they are characterized by enhanced ventilation and arterial oxygen transfer. The studies turned out to be very interesting and informative.


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