Researchers release new map of Northern Hemisphere permafrost

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to a recent research paper published in the journal Earth System Science Data, Chinese researchers mapped a new generation of permafrost in the northern hemisphere at one kilometer resolution over the period 2000-2016, Xinhua news agency reported.

A map combining large amounts of field data and multi-source satellite data and using statistical learning modeling with an ensemble strategy is considered to be more accurate than previous maps. It shows that the area of ​​permafrost in the northern hemisphere is about 14.77 million square kilometers, excluding glaciers and water bodies.

Zhang Youhua, a researcher from the Northwestern Institute of Ecology and Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the distribution of the average annual ground temperature in the northern hemisphere has an obvious latitudinal gradient, from extremely cold permafrost in the high Arctic to warm permafrost in the mountains and highlands at low latitudes. such as the Tibetan Plateau and the Mongolian Plateau.

The average annual temperature of the permafrost ground at the third pole is about minus 1.56 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the Arctic permafrost is about minus 4.70 degrees Celsius.

The average annual temperature of the soil and the thickness of the active layer are the two most important indicators of the thermal state of permafrost.


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