Researchers have shown what a person will look like after a thousand years

(ORDO NEWS) — The research project, which was carried out by Toll Free Forwarding, warns that the excessive use of modern technology can lead to the degradation of people in the future.

The researchers set out to show what a human would look like in the year 3000 by using AI to create a 3D model of a human of the future, whom they named “Mindy”.

According to scientists’ forecasts, after 900 years of using various gadgets (smartphones, laptops and other types of equipment), people of the future will have a smaller brain, a stooped back, an eternally bent neck that will become thicker, and fingers will adapt to their main function – to hold a smartphone.

The study also predicts that in the future people will have thicker skulls to protect their brains from smartphone radiation, and that people will develop a second eyelid to protect their eyes from strain and too much blue light from screen exposure.


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