Researchers figured out how to use sunlight to transmit data wirelessly

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(ORDO NEWS) — The currently developed installation can transmit data at a rate of 16 kilobits per second.

Professor Basem Shihada of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) was studying ways to encode data in artificial light sources and wondered if the same could be done with sunlight.

“I was just hoping to use a mobile phone camera to record a video of the encoded light output to try and decode the video to extract the data.

I then thought, why not do the same with sunlight?” Shihada said.

“It would be much easier and it could also be done through a cell phone camera.

So we began to explore sunlight as a carrier of information,” added the professor.

According to him, “a significant amount of ambient light remains unused and is used mainly for lighting purposes. Such light can be modulated for data transmission, offering yet another solution for wireless communications.”

Sunlight coming through a window can easily be used to wirelessly transmit data to electronic devices.

Researchers figured out how to use sunlight to transmit data wirelessly 2
Illustration of the effect of a polarizer on polarized light

As a result, Shihada and his KAUST research team created a smart glass system (switchable glass) that can regulate the sunlight passing through it.

The system encodes the data into light that can be detected and decoded by devices in the room.

The system is not only innovative, but also offers a more environmentally friendly way to communicate compared to conventional Wi-Fi or cellular data transmission.


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