Researchers develop artificial intelligence method for planetary mapping

(ORDO NEWS) — The creation of geological maps of the surface of the planets – from collecting and analyzing data to publishing in various formats – is a labor-intensive multi-stage process.

Deep learning methods that use artificial neural networks to analyze datasets can greatly improve the manufacturing process.

This has been widely shown both in the scientific literature and in applications. However, no ready-to-use, open-source, highly customizable toolkits for planetary mapping have been available so far.

“We were interested in developing a simple, off-the-shelf tool that could be customized and used by many,” said Giacomo Nojumi, a professor at the University of California.

The program is open source and available for further optimization, and also demonstrates an inexpensive, fast and simple approach to mapping planets in space.

Scientists have demonstrated the results that can be achieved with a certain landform on Mars, reminiscent of lava tubes on Earth.

Geological maps are an important tool in planetary exploration as they also serve as the basis for possible exploration by robots or humans.


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