Researchers claim to have found a legendary lost city in Death Valley

(ORDO NEWS) — California’s Death Valley is one of the hottest, driest and most mysterious places on earth.

The researchers claim that they found an ” underground city ” in Death Valley, which was probably built long before the advent of writing. This is reported by the Daily Star.

An ancient legend of the Southern Paiute people tells of a chief who wanted to reunite with his dead wife and found a secret passage to the underworld. The entrance to this realm of the dead, the city of Shin-o-Aw, was in a cave at the base of Death Valley.

For thousands of years, this story was considered nothing more than a legend. But in 1947, a man named Howard E. Hill gave an interesting speech at the Los Angeles Transportation Club.

During his speech, he told the story of a retired physician named F. Bruce Russell, who explored a cave system beneath Death Valley and claimed to have found an ancient lost city with strange hieroglyphs carved into its walls and three-meter-high mummified bodies.

Forensic expert Árpád Vass teaches advanced forensic science at a unique institution called the Harvard of Violence Hell, but some critics call his work “junk science.”

Russell, along with his friend, Dr. Daniel S. Bowie, said that the giant mummies were dressed in long jackets and trousers made of a fabric resembling sheepskin, which they assumed belonged to an unknown animal.

According to them, there were skeletons of numerous animals, including elephants, saber-toothed tigers and other creatures that are now long extinct.

According to Russell and Bovey, the mysterious catacombs were decorated with inscriptions that are a mixture of Native American and ancient Egyptian iconography.

Colleagues’ story of a lost world hidden in the valley could easily be dismissed as fiction. Indeed, Hill’s account was dismissed by archaeologists of the day, but there are some details that require closer examination.

First off, Russell and Bowie aren’t the only people who claim to be in the lost kingdom of Shin-O-Aw.

Ten years before their discovery, a gold digger named White also claimed to have stumbled upon the lost kingdom.

White said he fell through the floor of an abandoned shaft in the southwest corner of Death Valley into a tunnel very different from the shaft above.

He claimed to have seen huge chambers containing mummified people dressed in leather. There, he also discovered piles of gold bars, and later tried to lead a team of treasure hunters into the mysterious caves, only to find that the tunnel had been blocked by someone.

Russell and Bowie also attempted to return to the mystical realm, with even more mysterious results.

A few months after Russell’s claims were debunked by the archaeological community, he traveled to Death Valley to collect more evidence about Shin-O-Aw.

His car was found abandoned with a cracked radiator in a remote area of ​​Death Valley. His suitcase and other things were in the car. Neither Russell nor Bovie was ever heard from again.

Today, the area around Wingate Pass, where the entrance to the cave is believed to be, is part of the US military base at China Lake and is closed to the public.


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