Report on November earthquakes in the area of ​​the Long Valley supervolcano

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently there were reports from the California Volcanic Observatory regarding the activity of local volcanoes. The information was presented on the US Geological Survey website. Specialists paid special attention to the Long Valley supervolcano, in the area of ​​which seismic activity took place.

Over the past month, there have been 229 earthquakes near the caldera. In the caldera itself, there were four earthquakes with a magnitude of just over one point. The magnitude of the strongest push was 1.3 points.

There were no shocks in the area of ​​Mammoth Mountain. Three cases of seismic activity were recorded near Mono craters, their force was 2.3 points.

Near the Sierra Nevada ridge, weak points were recorded, only slightly exceeding 1 point. There were five of them in total. It is worth noting that the strength of one reached 2.1 points.

Most of the earthquakes were background, so they did not pose any danger. Scientists noted that seismic activity near the supervolcano has dropped significantly since mid-autumn. It remains insignificant to this day.


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