Replacing animal proteins with plant proteins prolongs life

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to the study, proponents of plant foods showed a trend towards a reduction in deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

The consumption of plant proteins in food contributes to an increase in life expectancy. This is the conclusion reached by a group of researchers from the US National Cancer Institute, after analyzing data for 16 years of a large group of people aged 50 to 71 years. The findings are presented by the researchers on the pages of the specialized edition JAMA Internal Medicine.

Using the data of 179,068 women and 237,036 men living both in large cities and in the American “hinterland”, experts scrupulously analyzed the diet indicated by the respondents and summarized the results. As a result, they found a clear trend towards an increase in life expectancy among older people who prefer foods rich in plant-based proteins over foods that are dominated by animal proteins.

Researchers have calculated that older people who consume vegetable proteins live longer, mortality among them is 5% lower than among peers who do not dare to reduce the proportion of meat delicacies in their diet.

In particular, scientists have found a trend towards a reduction in mortality from cardiovascular disease among advocates of plant foods. So, among men it decreased by 11%, and among women – by 12%.

In search of the most balanced diet for the elderly, scientists have come to the conclusion that “it is necessary to replace animal proteins with plant proteins.”

The researchers drew attention to the fact that rural residents, who traditionally eat less meat than urban dwellers, are in better health and are much less likely to get gout, the main reason for which is the consumption of large amounts of red meat. It is often called the “noble” disease of the aristocracy, which had no dietary restrictions.


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