Remains of an ancient warrior with traces of a unique operation

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists studied the Byzantine fort and found the remains of a warrior there, on which traces of a unique surgical intervention were clearly visible. He had a broken jaw that was stitched together with strong gold thread.

It is reported by Live Science.

The fort is located in Western Thrace, in the territory of modern Greece. Presumably, the warrior lived in the 14th century AD. Then the Byzantine Empire regularly defended itself from the Ottomans, who constantly attacked the country. The warrior was found without a head. Most likely, the fort fell and the man fell into the hands of enemies as a result. Experts concluded that his head was buried separately, because the rest of the body could not be found. There were also several shards of a pottery vessel near the skull, which could have been used to dig a hole.

When scientists began to examine the skull, they noticed a broken jaw, but the fracture had time to completely heal. The doctor, who lived almost 650 years ago, very skillfully connected the parts of the jaw, using gold wire for this. So far, experts cannot say how this fracture was obtained. This could have been the result of a fall from a horse, being hit by a ballistic projectile, or being injured during a battle. A detailed analysis of the remains showed that the man had been severely hit on the head before his death. Perhaps this was the cause of his death.

The warrior died at the age of about 40 years. The fracture of the jaw was obtained approximately 10 years before death. Scientists noted that this man was quite an important person, since such attention was paid to the treatment.


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