Remains of an ancient ocean found in the rocks of New York State

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists, exploring rocks in upstate New York, found small accumulations of sea water in them. Studies have shown that the age of these clusters is about 390 million years.

Water samples were analyzed using modern scientific methods: atomic probe tomography and mass spectrometry.

The results indicated that the liquid was saline and consistent with the chemical profile of an ancient inland sea in the area.

The size of framboids was no more than 10 micrometers. By examining them, scientists were able to determine the conditions under which they formed.

In the mid-Devonian period, approximately 400 million years ago, the inland sea covered a huge area from present-day Michigan to Ontario in Canada.

There was a reef system comparable to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the ancient waters were inhabited by trilobite-like creatures and the earliest species of horseshoe crabs.

Gradually the climate changed, became hotter and drier.

The sea dried up, and the remains of its inhabitants, trapped in the sedimentary layers, turned into pyrite rocks. Their scientists discovered hundreds of millions of years later.

The study is helping to better understand how marine ecosystems are responding to rising temperatures. These data will be useful for modern climate forecasts.

The scientists also intend to establish how rocks and hydrogen interact with each other.

The technology of safe storage and extraction of hydrogen from underground reservoirs will allow this element to be widely used as a source of fuel.


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