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Reincarnation : The incredible case of the Pollock twins

Reincarnation The Incredible Case of the Pollock Twins 1

(ORDO NEWS) — The story of the Pollock twins is an unsolvable mystery that will blow your mind, even if you don’t believe in life after death at all. For years, this strange case has been viewed by many as strong evidence of reincarnation.

After the death of two girls, their mother and father gave birth to twins, and they knew things about their dead sisters that were incredibly amazing and creepy at the same time.

Tragedy: The Pollock sisters died in an accident

It was noon on May 5, 1957, a joyful Sunday for the Pollock family, who were on their way to the traditional Mass at the church of the old English city of Hexham.

Parents, John and Florence Pollock, followed. They did not hold back their daughters Joanna (11) and Jacqueline (6). They both wanted to take first place in the ceremony and ran far ahead.

Despite their plans, that day they never made it to the mass. A few blocks from the church, recklessness prevented them. Their haste did not allow them to see the car that was about to cross the turning, which rammed them both and, on the spot, both Joanna and Jacqueline were killed on the asphalt.

Parents experienced the most difficult year in their lives. Devastated by the premature loss of their daughters, they wanted to have children again. Fate gave them a surprise. Florence is pregnant. Not one child, but two at once – she carried two twin girls in her womb.

The Pollock twins

On October 4, 1958, 9 months of pregnancy expired; Gillian was born that day, and a few minutes later Jennifer was born.

Joy turned to surprise as the parents watched them closely. They were the same, but their small bodies showed birthmarks. Jennifer had a spot on her forehead.

Right in the same place where her older sister, whom she never knew, Jacqueline, had a scar. Both also had the same mark on the waist (at the point of impact by the car).

Gillian, the second twin, had no birthmarks (on her head, but her sister didn’t get a head injury in the accident). Parents were shocked, but then decided that it was just a coincidence.

Three months after giving birth, the family decided to move to White Bay in search of an opportunity to put their sad past behind them and finally find the peace they longed for.

Memories of past events

At the age of two, when the girls began to talk, they began to ask for their dead sisters’ toys, although they had never heard of them.

When their father gave them the dolls he kept in the attic, the twins named them Mary and Susan. These were the same names their older sisters had given them long ago.

The twins began to differ in their behavior. Gillian, who imitated the eldest of the deceased, took on a leadership role compared to Jennifer, who remembered Jacqueline and followed her sister’s instructions unquestioningly.

Events became more and more mysterious when the Pollocks decided to return to their hometown.

When the twins returned to Hexham

In Hexham, the reaction was immediate. They asked in unison to visit the amusement park that their sisters loved to visit, and described it in detail as if they themselves had visited it many times.

When they arrived at the house, they recognized every corner of the house, even their neighbors. Their parents noted that they behaved and spoke in the same way as their first two daughters.

Dr Stevenson’s study on the Pollock twins

The twins caught the attention of Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918-2007), a psychologist who studied reincarnation in children’s memories.

In 1987, he wrote a book called Children Who Remember Previous Lives: The Question of Reincarnation. In it, he described 14 cases of reincarnation, including the case of the Pollock girls.

Stevenson has said that he prefers to work with children because “reincarnated adults” are most often influenced by external and fantasy factors gleaned from books, films, or even the memories of their relatives, which they take for their own. Children, on the other hand, acted spontaneously. Nothing caused them.

The unpredictable but strange behavior of the Pollock twins sometimes shocked their parents.

In the case of the Pollock twins, their parents could no longer turn a blind eye to the supernaturalness of what was happening. At the age of only 4 years, the girls were afraid of passing cars.

They were always afraid to cross the street. “The car is following us!” they often shouted. Once the parents heard from the girls their story about the tragedy of May 5, 1957.

“I don’t want this to happen to me again. It was terrible. My hands were covered in blood, my nose and mouth too. I couldn’t breathe,” Jennifer told her sister. “Don’t remind me,” Gillian replied. “You looked like a monster, and something red was coming out of your head.”

Strange, but all these vivid memories were erased when the twins grew up.

When the Pollock twins were 5 years old – a typical threshold up to which, according to some, the ability to remember what was before reincarnation extends – their life was no longer connected with the deceased sisters.

Their memories of previous lives were completely erased forever, as if they never existed. Although Gillian and Jennifer have cut their connection to the past, they remain the clearest example that reincarnation is a reality.


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