Reincarnation : David

(ORDO NEWS) — David never explicitly claimed to have lived before. However, he had very unusual dreams. And they were really intimidating.

Around the age of three, David began to have recurring nightmares. In them he stood on the edge of a dark pit filled with corpses.

He was afraid that he would fall there and die. He described people in striped clothes walking around like “skeletons” with shaved heads.

According to David, they were prisoners. In his sleep, the air was filled with the stench of burning flesh, and he always smelled some strange smell in his bedroom, even after waking up.

One day David was visiting his aunt when she turned on the gas stove to cook food. David’s house had an electric stove and no gas appliances.

The smell of the burner threw him into a panic. He said “it was like the smell in my room at night, it was going to suffocate me!”.

Another clue came when David’s mother suggested going to a holiday camp for the holidays. He had never been camping before, but immediately dismissed the idea.

“No,” he said. “There is no happiness there. People are sitting in a cage, they are cold, hungry and scared. They will never get out.”

Although David’s mother was not Jewish, he believed that the people in his dreams were Jewish. Having no familiarity with Jewish customs, David seemed to know some specific details.

He asked his mother if the food she cooked had blood in it. One day he pointed to the synagogue and correctly said that people there wear “hats”, although no one from the synagogue was around.

Until the age of eleven, he had a habit of reading and writing from right to left. Even stranger, David seemed both fascinated and intimidated by the Jewish Star of David.

Researchers believed that David’s dreams corresponded to events that took place during World War II in German concentration camps such as Treblinka and Auschwitz.

Prisoners wore striped uniforms, had their heads shaved, and became extremely emaciated from malnutrition.

These details are widely known to adults and even teenagers, but not known to three-year-olds like David.

David’s nightmares matched even more horrific details about the camps, which usually stank of burnt flesh or the gas used in the death chambers. At Treblinka, children were often pushed into deep pits and left to die.

Emotional trauma from childhood nightmares bothered David until the age of thirty. As he grew older, he became convinced that these dreams were indeed memories of a past life as a Jewish prisoner in a concentration camp.

His connection to this gruesome story took on even greater significance when he learned that the man who raised him was not, in fact, his biological father. David’s mother was unfaithful and became pregnant. She had an affair with a Jew…


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