Recorded change in the rate of water cycle on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The hydrological cycle, or in another way the water cycle in nature, describes the movement of water on Earth: from land to the sky, and from the sky in the form of precipitation to land.

A group of scientists recorded a sharp change in the speed of cycles, which leads to a deterioration in the climatic situation. The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Nature.

Scientists came to the conclusion that an increase in anthropogenic activity contributes to an increase in the rate of the water cycle.

The fact is that the cycle begins to independently redistribute the amount of water on the planet. The authors of the work explained that due to the disrupted hydrological cycle, there is an increase in humidity in wet areas, and, conversely, a decrease in the volume of liquid water in arid regions.

Scientists explained that such a change will not pass without a trace for every person on Earth. The fact is that increased volumes of water in certain areas will lead to strong natural phenomena, as well as an increase in precipitation.

In arid regions, there will be a catastrophic shortage of liquid water, which will lead to the death of these territories as a result.

Scientists believe that the only solution to all climate problems is the focus of large corporations and states on green technologies and renewable energy sources.


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