Record number of bees died over the past year in US

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Given the preliminary results of a Maryland University poll conducted every year, beekeepers were left without 43.7% of honey bees. So many individuals have died over the past year. The survey was first conducted in 2006 and since then, this is the second time such a high indicator has been recorded.

Most insects die in the cold season due to low temperatures or insufficient food, but this winter the losses were even slightly lower than usual – 22.2%. Most of the bees died last summer – 32%, which is more than 10% higher than the indicator that was recorded by beekeepers usually.

This survey relates to the Bee Information Partnership, which includes more than three thousand US beekeepers.

Experts suggest that most of the bees that died in the summer could be the result of last winter, which was quite severe. Also, experts found that the amount of varroa increased. These are parasitic ticks that infect bees. The weather could also have a negative effect on insects. Last July was too hot. Because of this, the mating of the queen bees did not occur as actively as usual. In addition, there was a shortage of food for the bees, because the flowers bloomed at different times.

A survey showed that to date, bees in the United States are at risk. These insects play a very important role, because they pollinate food crops. If they do not or the amount decreases to a critical level, then this will negatively affect not only the crop, but also the economy, because it is the bees that are mainly the main carriers of pollen.


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