Record leap in methane recorded in Earth’s atmosphere

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are worried about the increase in the concentration of methane in the atmosphere, because this gas traps more heat than carbon dioxide.

Therefore, due to methane, the atmosphere is very hot. Despite the fact that the decay time of methane is shorter than that of CO2, its ability to trap heat has great negative consequences.

The Earth and similar planets can completely freeze over 1

Today the concentration of CH4 is higher than in the 80s, the reason for this is the rapid development of the gas industry. Professor of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway (London, UK) noted that such indicators lead to the rapid destruction of the atmosphere.

Fossil fuels are the main source of gas, but they are not a cause for concern. After studying the composition of methane in the atmosphere, scientists found carbon 12 in it. Therefore, they concluded that the atmosphere is more affected by agriculture and swamps.

Global warming and human activities have led to abnormal releases of CH4 into the atmosphere. An alternative way out of the current catastrophe is proposed. It is necessary to increase the amount of nitrogen and hydroxyl radicals in the Earth’s atmosphere. These chemical compounds neutralize the formation of methane.


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