Record-breaking monster wave hits ‘once in a millennium’ off the coast of Canada

(ORDO NEWS) — A four-story house-high monster wave has been spotted off the coast of Canada. This is the largest such wave ever recorded.

A relatively small wave as high as a 4-story building set a record. How did she do it?

It seems that 4 floors for a wave is not so much, considering that tsunamis can rise to a height of 7-9 floors. However, tsunamis are usually generated by large-scale events like the eruption of an underwater volcano or an earthquake, while monster waves (rogue waves or killer waves, as they are also called) appear out of the blue.

A record rogue wave was recorded off the coast of Ucluelet on Vancouver Island in November 2020 Рits height reached 17.6 meters. The waves regularly reach higher heights than this, and some of them are even ridden by thrill-seekers, such as those that descend on Nazar̩ in Portugal, when huge waves roll in every year.

But monster waves have earned a frightening reputation due to their unpredictable nature – they appear literally out of the blue. A wave receives this “honorary” monster status if its height is at least twice the height of the surrounding waves.

Unlike tsunamis, which are largely caused by seismic activity, rogue waves form due to strong currents, winds, and/or storms, which can cause individual waves to merge into a giant wall of water.

The first wave of this kind ever recorded was seen off the coast of Norway in 1995 and reached 25.6 m in height, while the waves surrounding it were about 12 m high. it reached only 6 m in height, it set a record, almost three times the height of the environment.


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