REALLY BAD: Children born during COVID-19 pandemic have low IQ

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the United States conducted a study, the results of which showed that children born during a pandemic have lower IQs. They do not have as high verbal, cognitive, and motor abilities as children who were born before the spread of the coronavirus.

Reported by The Guardian.

The first years of a child’s life play a very important role. At this time, there is an active development of cognitive abilities. Due to the fact that schools and kindergartens did not work during the pandemic, all playgrounds were closed, and parents were constantly in a stressful situation, the lives of children changed noticeably.

Sean Deoni said that minimal interaction with the outside world had an extremely negative effect on the children. They passed special tests and the results were incredibly low. Previously, the average developmental indicator of babies under three years old was around 100 points. Now he has dropped to almost 78 points.

The study involved 672 children who live in Rhode Island. All volunteers had no health problems or developmental disabilities. Deoni stressed that the main reason for such a decrease in indicators may be the lack of stimulation or the necessary interaction with the child at home.

At the moment, experts cannot yet say whether the result obtained has a long-term impact. Of course, in the first years of life, the foundation is laid for further development and a lot depends on it. In the future, it will be very problematic to correct any certain errors in development.


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