Real reincarnation stories

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — There are many stories of reincarnation when people remembered their previous lives or knew who they would be in the next. An example is the Taoist monk and one man who lived in ancient China.

The first story happened during the reign of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). A man named Tsui Rui lived in Shandong. Once a Taoist monk came to visit him, during a conversation he noted that he would return to this world, only in the guise of his son Tsui Zhuy. The monk added that he could be identified by a mole on his cheek.

After a while, the man really had a son, Tsui Xian. Mole and behavior strongly resembled a monk. A boy from an early age was interested in science, as well as literature and poetry.

Tsui Xian was able to pass the exam for the highest academic degree, and later – become the head of the censorship. His duties included control of officials and judges. After a while, Tsui Xian was promoted to the governor of the district. The man was distinguished by justice, sincerity and hard work.

Another story is even more unusual. So, in the state of North Qi, there lived a woman Yuan Shi who lost her husband. After she remarried, she dreamed of a deceased husband and said that she had not enough good deeds and was forced to be reborn. He knew that he would be a daughter in a poor family of Liu, so he asked his beloved wife to bring up the girl.

Yuan Shi did not answer, since everything depended on the new husband. Then the spouse who came in a dream dreamed of a new chosen one. He found out that a deceased husband came to his wife and asked for help. The family was able to find a home where the Liu family lived. There really was a girl born. She was adopted, and after a while she was married. The story ended happily.


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