Rasputin’s terrible predictions published

(ORDO NEWS) — The Siberian clairvoyant and friend of the imperial family, Grigory Rasputin, in his book Pious Reflections, published in 1912, made many predictions.

Some of them have already come true, while others, it is worth hoping, will never come true.

Rasputin successfully predicted his death and the death of the imperial family. Also among his successful predictions are the October 1917 coup and the invention of nuclear power plants.

Towers will be built all over the world, they will be castles of death. Some of these castles will collapse, and rotten blood will flow out of these wounds, which will infect the earth and sky, the clairvoyant wrote.

However, predictions that have not yet come true are even worse. Rasputin in his book wrote about the global flood – “the seas, like thieves, will enter cities, houses, and the lands will become salty”, about the loss of moral values ​​by a person, about the cloning of people without a soul, and, finally, about the third world war.

“Three hungry snakes will crawl along the roads of Europe, leaving ashes and smoke behind them, they have one house – and this is a sword, and they have one law – violence, but, having dragged humanity through dust and blood, they themselves will die from the sword,” quotes a friend of the imperial family “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

The seer Vanga passed away 25 years ago, but her predictions still haunt the minds. So, the expert Boris Kyuchukov kept the records of the sorceress, which contain her predictions.

At the end of December, Vanga’s prediction for the main mirror date of 2022 became known.


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