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Rare polar galaxy discovered

Rare polar galaxy discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers from Japan have discovered a new rare galaxy – a polar ring.

It was possible to fix a space object called SDSS J095351.58+012036.1 using the Subaru telescope as part of the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru program (HSC-SSP).

Polar ring galaxies (PRGs) are systems consisting of a lenticular galaxy and polar rings that do not coalesce for billions of years.

These rings, composed of gas and stars, are in a perpendicular orientation to the major axis of the central galaxy.

So far, 400 potential polar ring galaxies have been observed, but only a few dozen have been confirmed as true by spectroscopic research.

The stellar mass of the found galaxy was about 38.5 billion solar masses, and the star formation rate was approximately 2.66 solar masses per year.

The radius of the galaxy is 0.89 arc seconds, and the radius of the polar structure is 2.12 arc seconds.


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