Rare optical illusion “Fata Morgana”

(ORDO NEWS) — Fata Morgana is a rather rare and very complex optical illusion observed in the Earth’s atmosphere.

It is Fata Morgana who is responsible for the numerous evidence of “UFO sightings” that can even be captured on camera.

Fata Morgana occurs when a layer of alternating layers of air that differ in density (usually due to temperature differences) forms in the lower layers of the atmosphere.

It is the multilayer structure that leads to “mirroring” and refraction of light rays. As a result of these effects, real objects (many of them are far beyond the horizon) form several images on the horizon or above it, which are superimposed on each other, changing shape and moving at different speeds.

Mysterious Fata Morgana

This mirage takes its name from Morgana le Fay, King Arthur’s half-sister and, according to legend, an evil sorceress with the ability to transform into animals. In Italy, this sorceress is called Fata Morgana, which translates as “sea mirages.”

This phenomenon can be observed not only on land, but also at sea, where the sailors of the past faced two phenomena

– Land was visible on the horizon, which disappeared as it approached
– A ship suddenly appeared on the horizon, hovering over the ocean, which then disappeared

This is how the legend of the “Flying Dutchman” appeared, about a ghost sailing ship that is doomed to sail the seas forever.

According to legend, when the Flying Dutchman met with another ship, his ghostly crew asked the living sailors to deliver letters to their relatives and friends, who had long been dead.

Those who refused to comply with the request, the “Flying Dutchman” knocked off course, creating the illusion of land that does not exist. Such a meeting, according to maritime beliefs, promised trouble.

Rare optical illusion Fata Morgana 2
Parts of ships and land, “hovering” above the horizon. Real photo

Sometimes the Fata Morgana “breaks away” on astronomical objects, which can begin to behave like alien ships.

For example, history knows such a case when an American policeman was sure that he was chasing a UFO that was rushing across the sky, covering a long distance, and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

His report was the subject of much research and discussion, but in the end, scientists found that the law enforcement officer embellished a lot, and what was true was Venus , distorted by an illusion called Fata Morgana.


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