Rare nine-legged octopus found off the coast of Japan

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(ORDO NEWS) — An extremely rare nine-legged octopus was discovered off the coast of Japan. An unusual creature with an additional limb was caught by a fisherman in Shizugawa Bay near the city of Minamisanriku.

Interestingly, the fisherman had no idea about the extra limb until he cooked the octopus in a pot for lunch.

Although the fisherman sought help from the Minamisanriku Nature Center (MNC), the octopus did not survive in the boiling water. It is now stored in alcohol and displayed to the public at the Shizugawa Nature Center.

MNC researcher Takuzo Abe said that octopuses have the ability to regenerate severed legs, and an additional appendage could grow when the creature regenerated a lost leg.

The nine-legged octopus was one of four caught by the fisherman. Its size was just over 15 centimeters.


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