Rare gold coin discovered in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists from Israel were preparing the territory for the construction of a new quarter, which was to be located next to Tel Aviv. During excavations, they found a fairly large number of ancient artifacts. 

Experts have found many kitchen utensils, a wine press, and numerous structures that date from the Byzantine and Islamic periods. The most important find is considered to be a gold coin, which is extremely rare. This is reported by jpost.com.

The city, which is located just a few kilometers from Tel Aviv, was founded in 1922. Archaeological excavations, in turn, have shown that the area was inhabited about 100 years earlier. Diego Barcan said that some of the finds were identified even earlier, when archaeological field research was carried out.

A very rare find is a gold coin, which was made during the reign of Emperor Heraclius, in 638-639. By the time his reign ended, Byzantium was left without most of its lands. Most of the Greek-speaking lands remained.

On one side of the coin there is an image of the emperor and his sons, on the other there is a cross on Calvary where Jesus Christ was crucified. The experts also found a name engraved on the coin. Most likely, in this way the owner noted that it was his gold.

Robert Cole said that this coin will allow you to find out new information about the end of the emperor’s government, about how Islam appeared. Specialists will also be able to obtain data not only on Christian, but also on pagan symbols.


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