Rain Man – Don Dekker’s unsolved mystery

(ORDO NEWS) — The story goes that humans have always been fascinated by trying to control the environment and natural phenomena with their minds.

Some have tried to control fire, others the weather, but so far no man has been able to do so. However, an unusual event related to the life of 80s prisoner Don Decker claims that such strange things happen in real life.

Don Decker, who is said to have gained control over the weather, could make it rain when and where he wanted. Thanks to this strange ability, he became famous throughout the world under the name “Rain Man”.

It all started on February 24, 1983 in Strodesburg, Pennsylvania, USA, when Decker’s grandfather, James Kishau, passed away. While others were mourning, Don Decker felt peace for the first time. Others did not know that James Kishauh physically abused him from early childhood.

Despite being in prison, Decker was granted a 7-day reprieve to attend his deceased grandfather’s funeral. But Decker did not have to calm down for long.

After the funeral, Bob and Ginny Kieffer, who were friends of Don Dekker’s family, invited him to spend the night at their home. During dinner, Decker continued to reflect on the memories that surfaced during the funeral. He left the table for the restroom to collect his thoughts and calm down.

According to him, due to loneliness, he gradually became emotional, and his feelings began to cover his essence. At that moment, the temperature in the room plummeted, and Dekker saw a mystical image of an old man who looked like his grandfather but wore a crown.

After that, he felt a sharp pain in his arm and, looking down, saw three bloody scratches. Looking up, he saw that the figure had disappeared.

Puzzled, he went downstairs and returned to his friends at the dinner table. At this point, throughout the dinner, Decker fell into a trance-like state where he could do nothing but watch what was happening.

After some time, some more strange events began to occur – water slowly dripped from the walls and ceiling, and a light fog formed on the floor.

They called the owner of the house to deal with the water problem, and soon the owner came with his wife, they checked the whole house, but could not find a reasonable cause for the water leak, because all the water pipes were in another part of the building.

Then they called the police to find out what was really going on. Patrolman Richard Woolbert was the first to arrive on the scene.

It was only a few minutes before Patrolman Volbert entered the house and found himself in the water. Woolbert later described what he saw that evening when he entered the Kaiffers’ house.

According to Woolbert, they were standing right outside the front door and saw drops of water moving horizontally. They rushed between them and flew into the next room.

Officer John Baujan, who came with Woolbert to participate in the investigation, also witnessed a strange phenomenon in the house.

He stated that when he entered the Keiffer house, he was literally chilled to the spine, his hair stood on end and he was speechless with surprise.

Since Officer Baujan could not understand anything of what was going on there, he advised the Keiffers to get Decker out of the house and sit at a nearby pizzeria. Once they left, the house returned to normal.

Pam Scrofano, who owned the pizzeria, saw Decker enter the restaurant in a zombie-like state. Moments after the Keiffers and Decker sat down at the table, they noticed that the same thing had begun at the pizzeria.

Water began to fall on their heads and spread across the floor. Pam immediately ran to her cash register, took out a crucifix and placed it on Deker’s skin, suspecting that he was possessed. Decker reacted instantly because the crucifix apparently burned his flesh.

At this point, it was no longer possible to stay in the pizzeria. Bob and Ginny Kaiffer decide to take Decker home with them. As soon as they left the pizzeria, the rain stopped.

In the Keiffer house, as soon as the Keiffers and Decker entered the house, it began to rain again. But this time they could hear the rattling of pots and pans in the kitchen. In the end, the owner of the house and his wife decided that Decker was playing some kind of joke to damage their property.

Then things took a dramatic and violent turn. Decker suddenly felt himself lifted off the ground and was thrown violently against the wall by some invisible force.

Shortly thereafter, Officers Baujan and Woolbert returned to the Kaiffer home with their superior, but were unable to find anything out of the ordinary. Therefore, the chief concluded that what happened was a problem with the plumbing, and advised him to forget about it.

Perhaps out of curiosity, the cops ignored their superior and returned the next day with Lieutenants John Rundle and Bill Davis to see how things were going.

When the three officers arrived at the house, they noted with satisfaction that everything seemed to have calmed down.

Then Bill Davis conducted his own experiment and put a golden cross into the hands of Don Decker. Davis remembered that Decker claimed he was burning him, so Davis took the cross back. The cops then saw Decker levitate again and fly towards the inner wall.

According to Lieutenant John Rundle’s description, suddenly Decker rose from the ground and flew across the room with such force that it looked like a bus had crashed into him.

There were three claw marks on Decker’s neck that oozed blood, and Rundle has no answer to that question. He just doesn’t know the answer, even today.

After that, the owner of the house realized what condition Don Decker was in and wanted to help him get out of trouble, so he called all the preachers in Stroudsburg and received a refusal from the majority.

However, one of them came to the house and prayed with Decker. Gradually, Decker became himself again, and there was no more rain in the house.

Wait, this story is not over yet!!!

Don Decker’s vacation is over and it’s time to head back to prison. While in his cell, Dekker had an idea. He wondered if he could control the rain; actually, that would be fine, who doesn’t really have that desire?

As soon as he began to think about it, water began to drip in an incredible way from the ceiling and walls of the cell. Decker got the answer right away, now he could control the rain anytime, anywhere.

The prison guard who made the rounds was displeased when he saw that the cell was flooded with water. He didn’t believe it when Decker told him that he could make it rain with his mind.

The guard sarcastically challenged Decker and stated that if he really had the ability to control rain, then make it rain in the warden’s office. Decker agreed.

The guard made his way to the warden’s office, where Lieutenant David Kienhold temporarily held the warden’s office. David Kienhold. Kindhold had no idea who Don Decker was or anything about what happened at Keiffer’s house and pizzeria.

When the guard entered the office, he saw that Kienhold was sitting alone at his desk. The guard looked around, scanning the room until he saw Kinhold. He asked Kienhold to look at his shirt – it was soaked with water!

The warden stated that approximately in the center of the sternum, about four centimeters long, two centimeters wide, it was simply soaked with water. He was amazed and really scared. The officer was also frightened at that moment, and he simply had no explanation why or how it happened.

Keenhold, finally realizing what was happening, called his friend Reverend William Blackburn and urgently asked him to meet with Don Decker. Reverend Blackburn agreed and walked over to Don Decker’s cell.

After being told everything that had happened since Decker went on vacation, the reverend accused him of making it all up. Decker did not like this accusation.

His behavior changed, and a strong smell suddenly appeared in the cell. Some witnesses described the smell as the smell of carrion multiplied by five. Then it started to rain again. It was a misty rain, which the reverend called “devilish.”

Reverend Blackburn finally realized that this was not a hoax. He began to pray for Decker and sat in the cell, praying with him for several hours. And finally it happened. The rain stopped and Don Decker burst into tears.

Whatever affected Decker never showed up again. Decker stated that he hoped this would never happen again. He said that his grandfather once abused him, and he has a chance to abuse him again. All he wants is peace.

The paranormal case described above was shown on the famous TV show “Unsolved Mysteries” on February 10, 1993 and became famous all over the world.


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