“Radiation shelter” or why there may be life on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — If we discard any fantasies nurtured by conspiracy theories, then the question of the habitability of Mars – like any other world except Earth – remains open.

All these Martian “pyramids”, “fossils” and “structures” are just a product of pareidolia – a kind of visual illusion, which consists in the formation of illusory images based on real objects.

The harsh reality of Mars

Mars is a cold, dry place, “generously showered” with solar radiation, capable of destroying not only complex life forms, but even the simplest extremophiles who are accustomed to live and breed in “hellish” conditions on Earth.

Therefore, if we really want to find life on the Red Planet, or at least traces of its existence in the distant past, or prove that life never existed on Mars, we need to approach this issue with the utmost skepticism.

Healthy skepticism is a quality engine of progress, helping to put forward non-standard hypotheses and look for bold solutions.

As, for example, is the case with a new study suggesting that Mars is likely still a habitable world. However, Martian life, which is most likely represented by the simplest organisms, is hiding under the surface of the planet.

And what’s most interesting about this study is the rationale for how the hypothetical subsurface inhabitants of Mars survive.


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