Queen: stay at home and everything will be fine

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In her inspirational appeal to the nation, Her Majesty urged loyal subjects “not to roam” in public places, noting that those who need the sun “can sunbathe in the yard”.

His historical speech on the importance of the good old common sense, which became only the fifth special televised address for her entire reign and the first after her emotional response to the resignation of Sir Alex Ferguson ( Manchester United head coach – ed.) In 2013, the queen recorded in her palace in Bolton (a poor and depressed city in the north-west of England – ed.).

“Just come on without this crap out of town picnics. The police and without your kooky affairs to the throat. Want to unwind, look out the window,” she said.

“Children are at home, you don’t need to work, what else do you need? I’m 94, and I didn’t get infected, because I’m being careful.”

“Anna makes purchases for me when necessary, and leaves them at the door. Great-grandchildren contact me via Facetime, and Charles calls me on the phone (to be honest, even too often).”

“Sit at home, slurp beer, do not go outside, do not show off. Everything. In general, I don’t understand what’s complicated about this.”


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