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Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain fell ill with COVID-19

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain fell ill with COVID 19

(ORDO NEWS) — Queen Elizabeth II, 95, has tested positive for COVID-19. This was reported by news outlets around the world, and Buckingham Palace later confirmed the information.

It is reported that the queen has symptoms of SARS, but the disease is mild. Despite a positive test for coronavirus infection, Elizabeth II is going to continue her duties next week.

As noted by The Guardian , from 2020 to 2021, the coronavirus posed a serious threat to older people. During the first wave, about 10% of people aged 80 and over who contracted COVID-19 died.

Since March 2020, over 5% of the UK population over 90 have died within 28 days of testing positive. However, the publication notes that the situation has now changed, and now the risk for the queen is less than it could be before. It is important to note that Elizabeth II is fully vaccinated, which also reduces the risks.

Other members of the royal family have also recently contracted the coronavirus. The heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, contracted COVID-19 for the second time on February 10 – ten days before the virus was detected in Elizabeth II. Prince Charles’s wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, tested positive for coronavirus on February 14.


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